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Do you all, as customers, HATE the stupid recording that you have to deal with whenever you call customer servicr/tech support?

...well, so do we.

Could this shit like, do its job, for once.


hdff is that the thing thats like "for such-and-such, press 1" and lists the rest of the options for 30 seconds and then it doesnt work half the time and everyones confused

im not sure if thats what u mean but i think thats happened when trying to call the doctor before and its been Inconvenient??


Yes but worse! The company I work for, for some reason, decided that AI was good enough to make a fake person you have to like actually talk to.

In theory she's supposed to be able to handle simple things, and direct people to the right department if she can't, but technology just isn't ready and she struggles to like, understand the basic things people are saying??? She also cannot actually discern where to send people, she just uses keywords, so people can't actually choose what department they talk to, it's a hot mess and it makes everyone's lives harder, the customer AND us as well.